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Further Education

Continuing and further education paves the way for the next stage of our employees' careers and secures the sustainable business success of Labor LS. The internal and external training of employees is therefore of high priority to Labor LS. Our personnel development programme includes various continuing education and further training courses from laboratory-specific to business management topics. The continuing education paths are varied and range from part-time or dual degree programmes to extra-occupational further qualifications.

Dual Degree System

We offer dual degree programmes with a Bachelor's (7 semesters) or Master's degree (3 semesters). The prerequisite for this is the general university entrance qualification. Students study chemistry or biology at a university and simultaneously complete an IHK (Chamber of Commerce)-organised training as chemical or biological laboratory assistants with Labor LS. A permanent employment contract is usually offered to students who successfully complete this training. Further advantages are shorter training periods as well as a higher trainee salary.

Extra-Occupational Studies

Long-standing employees of Labor LS have the possibility to take an extra-occupational degree in, say, “Biopharmaceutical Science”, even without a high school diploma. The prerequisite for such a degree, in addition to three year's employment at LS, is the completion of training as laboratory technician. The study concept is specifically designed for the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The standard study period is 7 semesters. The tuition fees—whether for the Bachelor's or Master's degree—will be paid by the company.  

Extra-Occupational Further Qualifications

In accordance with its personnel development policy, Labor LS offers the following extra-occupational further qualifications to its employees:

  • Further qualification as veterinary surgeon specialising in microbiology
  • Further qualification as expert pharmacist specialising in pharmaceutical analysis.
  • Obtaining a qualification as qualified person pursuant to Section 15 of the German Pharmaceutical Products Act

In addition, we offer our employees a wide range of external and internal seminars to make sure they are up to date not only professionally but also in terms of business management and leadership skills.


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23. - 25 Oktober 2019, Berlin



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