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Labor LS has been operating for around three decades and is known for its expertise in microbiological laboratory testing. With its comprehensive range of laboratory and consulting services, the medium-sized company with its headquarters in Bad Bocklet in Lower Franconia is one of Europe's leading independent contract institutes for the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics and food industries. Our staff of currently about 500 employees works with interdisciplinary professional competencies and decades of practical laboratory expertise for medium-sized and regionally operating companies as well as multinationals. With a clear commitment to safe tests for our customers, the best quality on the basis of international standards, consistent reliability and successful projects are cornerstones for all processes.

Opportunity and Risk Management

Our customers and business partners operate in an international environment with significant market dynamics. Since we are committed to sustainable competitiveness, our diverse laboratory services are geared to the conscious deliberation of the various opportunities and risks of the market.


In the areas of research, manufacture and applications of pharmaceutical products as well as in the field of life science services, institutions, customers and partners appreciate Labor LS as one of the leading laboratories in Europe. The unique methodological diversity of microbiological, biological as well as chemical and physical test procedures for quality control is based on three decades of complex experience.


1987 Dr. Rüdiger Leimbeck and Professor Dr. Bernd Sonnenschein found Labor L+S GmbH. The company derives its name from the initials of its founders. 1993 Labor L+S is accredited according to DIN EN 45001. 1995 L+S GmbH was converted into Labor L+S AG, a small incorporated company.


Corporate Governance Code and Compliance

Labor LS acts in accordance with the recommendations of the Government Commission on the German Corporate Governance Code in the version of 25 June 2014.

In the sense of a well-balanced corporate governance, the sustainable protection of competitiveness is the focus of entrepreneurial action. We are committed to complying with government regulations according to the Compliance. True to our medium-sized roots, we take responsibility in our actions for a sustainable economy, ecology and society.


Company Founder

Prof. Dr. Bernd Sonnenschein
Dr. med. vet. Rüdiger Leimbeck

Executive Board and Authorised Signatories

Executive Board and Authorised Signatories


Erste Einblicke ins Berufsleben bei Labor LS

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Der Mikrobiologie Compliance Manager - Regulatorische Anforderungen und praktische Umsetzung

08. bis 10. Oktober 2019, Mannheim (Concept Heidelberg)

Messe: SEPAWA 2019

23. - 25 Oktober 2019, Berlin



Labor LS SE & Co. KG

Mangelsfeld 4, 5, 6
97708 Bad Bocklet-

Fon: +49 (0)9708/9100-0
Fax: +49 (0)9708/9100-36


In our Infobox, we make additional information on our company, our service portfolio and our QM certification available to you in a download.