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Corporate Governance Code and Compliance

Labor LS is guided in its business conduct by the recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code.

In line with our understanding of a balanced corporate governance, our corporate activities focus on securing our competitiveness in the long term. As such, in terms of compliance, we undertake to adhere to the legal regulations and avow, with our Code of Business Conduct, to act in accordance with standards of behavior that document the reliability and competence of Labor LS as a service provider and partner for all external and internal stakeholders. In awareness of our roots as a medium-sized company, we ensure that our activities are carried out in consideration of our direct responsibility for sustainable economy, ecology and society.


Die besten Ausbildungsbetriebe

Ergebnis der Studie „Deutschlands beste Ausbildungsbetriebe“.



5th Global Endotoxin Testing Summit

03. - 05. Juni 2019, Annapolis, MD & Pickering Beach, DE, USA.

Der Stabilitätsbeauftragte

04. bis 06. Juni 2019, Heidelberg (Concept Heidelberg)



Labor LS SE & Co. KG

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In our Infobox, we make additional information on our company, our service portfolio and our QM certification available to you in a download.