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Dr. Rüdiger Leimbeck and Prof. Dr. Bernd Sonnenschein found the company Labor L+S GmbH in Bad Bocklet-Großenbrach. The company's name is taken from the initials of the founders. With a laboratory area covering 400 m² and a workforce of 28 employees, L+S GmbH offers the microbiological and biological testing of pharmaceutical and other products.


First extension to a 1,000 m² laboratory area. Labor L+S now employs more than 40 personnel.


Labor L+S is accredited according to DIN EN 45001 (now replaced by the standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025). The number of personnel rises constantly to 50 people.


The continuous growth, with 70 personnel now employed, makes a second expansion phase necessary. The 1994 extension results in an office and laboratory area of 2,000 m².


The company's legal form is changed, with L+S GmbH (private limited company) being transformed into a small joint-stock company named Labor L+S AG.

In the same year, the first FDA inspection (US Food and Drug Administration) is passed successfully, meaning that the products tested at Labor L+S AG can also be exported to the USA.


Labor L+S AG is one of the first laboratories in Germany to be certified by the Bavarian LGA certification institute (Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern) in accordance with environmental standard DIN EN ISO 14001. The number of personnel rises constantly, with the company now employing 115 people.


The Government of Lower Franconia in Würzburg issues a GMP certificate for Labor L+S AG.


The range of services undergoes constant expansion, with Labor L+S AG opening a department for the chemical-physical testing of pharmaceutical products.


The founders of the company, Dr. Rüdiger Leimbeck and Prof. Dr. Bernd Sonnenschein, withdraw from operational business and move from the company's Management Board to the Supervisory Board.


The company continues to grow, with a new laboratory built and occupied for the chemical-physical testing department.


Labor L+S AG is licensed as a further training centre for Pharmaceutical Analysis.


Following the entry into force of the 15th amendment to the German Pharmaceutical Drug Law (AMG), Labor L+S AG is granted a manufacturing licence for the first time in accordance with Article 13 of the AMG.

In February of the same year, the authorisation for the further training of specialist veterinarians is also issued for microbiology.


Another new laboratory building is opened. An additional 1,600 m² of laboratory and office space is now available for various microbiological testing. The heart of the extension is an isolator testing centre enabling Labor L+S AG to significantly expand its capacity for the testing of sterile products.  


In addition to testing, advising our customers becomes an increasingly important part of our activities. Labor L+S AG concentrates its activities concerning all industrial hygiene issues under the QVPlus® quality label.


The ground-breaking ceremony for the fifth and largest extension to Labor L+S AG with a planned office and laboratory area of 7000 m² is held in June of this year.


The new laboratory and office building is moved into at the turn of the year 2016/2017. The laboratory offers the most modern qualified premises for microbiological testing. This also includes clean rooms under Cleanroom Category A (ISO 100) for the testing of sterile pharmaceutical and medical products.

Increasing the size of the laboratory area and the optimised processes resulting from this enable us to guarantee test safety and security as well as sufficient testing capacity for our customers.


The family-owned company Labor L+S AG sets the course for the future and introduces a European company form, a so-called SE (Societas Europaea), into the existing corporate structure.

The former Labor L+S AG will be renamed Labor LS SE & Co. KG.

There are currently more than 450 personnel working at Labor L+S AG. The sample volume amounts to more than 200,000 samples per year, on which around 1,000,000 tests are conducted.


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08. bis 10. Oktober 2019, Mannheim (Concept Heidelberg)

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