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Opportunity and Risk Management

Our customers and business partners operate in an international environment with significant market dynamics. Since we are committed to sustainable competitiveness, our diverse laboratory services are geared to the conscious deliberation of the various opportunities and risks of the market. Our attention is directed at regulatory conditions, specific market conditions, financial aspects and on the opportunities and risks in the entire range of corporate strategy and operational business processes.  Labor LS's opportunity and risk management is aimed at an early identification of changing conditions, which is oriented both at risks and opportunities. Our analyses comprise prevention scenarios, reasonable countermeasures and the offensive development of new business potentials.

The performance of the various opportunity and risk management tasks lies in the responsibility of executive board and operational management. To coordinate the implementation of individual components and instruments, further employees at management level internally focus on this topic; further similar mandates have been commissioned internally. Twice a year, the opportunity and risk management is the focus of a specific in-house conference. In both the internal and the external opportunities and risk communication, we engage in interdisciplinary dialogue. Our opportunity and risk report is submitted together with the annual report.


Die besten Ausbildungsbetriebe

Ergebnis der Studie „Deutschlands beste Ausbildungsbetriebe“.



5th Global Endotoxin Testing Summit

03. - 05. Juni 2019, Annapolis, MD & Pickering Beach, DE, USA.

Der Stabilitätsbeauftragte

04. bis 06. Juni 2019, Heidelberg (Concept Heidelberg)



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