Coronavirus - Current development and initiated measures at Labor LS

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For the second time during the current pandemic, Labor LS is reaching out to you to proactively inform you about the latest developments and the measures taken within the company.

At the present time, there are no COVID-19 confirmed infections or suspected cases among the local Labor LS staff and therefore no operational restrictions. To maintain this condition as long as possible and for strategic precautionary reasons, the Management of Labor LS continues to uphold constant contact with our medical hygienist and infection epidemiologist, our infection prevention officer and the local health authorities. Within the context of dynamic risk management, the Management conducts daily reassessments of the situation, particularly with regard to the optimisation of personnel hygiene and infection protection.

After the frequency of visitors by our customers, service technicians and auditors at Labor LS was reduced to an absolute minimum just under three weeks ago as was the discontinuation of field service appointments from our side, further extensive infection protection measures have now been initiated.

The significant expansion of home office workstations is being implemented at an operational level. This serves as a functional backup to preempt any potential staff shortage. In addition, a consistent shift and cohort model was established within the staff to minimise internal contact of personnel during meetings, breaks and working hours. In addition, an agreement was reached with the LS Works Council to optimise the working time models for childcare during the corona crisis so that all parents continue to have the opportunity to fulfil their professional and private obligations. All these measures which have become necessary serve the protection as well as the health care and safety of our employees. In addition, our top priority is to ensure that Labor LS can continue to perform the necessary quality control and release testing of your raw materials, pharmaceuticals and medical devices to safeguard the drug supply process.

To this end, we have received strategically important feedback from our responsible health authority that Labor LS is classified as a system-relevant company to ensure testing safety in the event of quarantine measures or a possible nationwide curfew.

Testing continues to be performed routinely, so that your samples and analytical specimens can be sent to Labor LS as usual. Should the current situation require your company to send a higher number of samples to Labor LS, please contact us in advance so that we can make mutual plans at short notice. Should the situation change, we will of course contact you immediately and adjust our measures accordingly.

We thank you very much for your understanding. Please stay healthy!