As in previous years, Labor LS SE & Co. KG in Bad Bocklet decided also in 2019 not to send Christmas cards by post but electronically to its customers.

The saved postage costs were donated to various regional organizations.

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The Veeh-Harp Group of the “Nüdlinger Lebenshilfe” received EUR 800.00. The Veeh-Harp is a plucked string instrument that was specially developed for people with disabilities by Hermann Veeh in the late 1980s. In the “Nüdlinger Lebenshilfe” a group of people with and without disabilities make music together every week.
Their repertoire is as colorful as the group itself and has already inspired the employees of the Labor LS at their Christmas party.


A second donation of EUR 1,000.00 went to the “Helfer vor Ort” (HvO) in Geroda. The volunteer medical staff, also known as the “first responder”, supports the full-time emergency service in local emergencies.
The time until an emergency medical service arrives is bridged with qualified basic medical measures and thus shortens the therapy-free time.
The basic qualification of the “Helfer vor Ort” is an extended medical training course with annual resuscitation training. The helpers are alerted directly by the integrated control center via radio message receivers. This activity is free of charge for every patient and cannot be invoiced to the health insurance companies. The project of “Helfer vor Ort” is supported by the community Geroda and relies on donations to finance all consumables, protective clothing and vehicle maintenance.


The “Tagamari Wunschweihnacht”, founded in 2018 by Veßra monastery with Talisa  e. V. Hildburghausen, was also happy to receive a donation of EUR 1,000. Ultimate ambition is to show solidarity with the people, but above all with the children and families in the district, who have to do their everyday life with less money. Christmas wishes are anonymously hung on a wish tree and anyone who wants to fulfill a wish can chose a suitable one and let the wish come true. A Christmas dinner is organized for the handover of the gifts. A shuttle service is set up so that everyone involved can take part. In this way, many children and families can enjoy an unforgettable day.


In the future Labor LS SE & Co. KG will continue to send Christmas greetings electronically and non-profit organizations and projects will be supported again with the saved costs.