New laboratories at LS

In recent years, three areas in particular have grown so much in the analytical portfolio of Labor LS that we have decided to create additional capacities for these testing areas. The areas of endotoxin testing, testing of microbiological quality and system suitability tests for sterile testing therefore moved into new laboratories in summer 2021. The move will lead to higher efficiency in the processing of customer projects in the future and will significantly increase the quality of the environmental conditions for these GMP tests. The latest new laboratory building of 2017 was already planned with such foresight that the 800 m² former administration floor could be converted into state-of-the-art testing laboratories in a short time. With regard to the GMP-compliant qualification, the data from the qualification of the new building from 2017 was built on, so that the fixed schedule could be adhered to and the laboratories could be put into operation in the summer as planned.

Based on the positive experience in the past, the "room in room" concept was implemented again. This ensures maximum transparency for audits and the control of internal processes.

We are look forward to showing our customers the new premises on the occasion of an audit or a project meeting.