Seven apprentices accepted into the permanent employment contract!

This week, two office management clerks, two biology lab technicians and three biology lab technicians received their diplomas to successfully pass the training.

All five biology laboratory assistants have shortened their training and Alina Dierolf (bottom left) was even honored by the vocational school for their outstanding grade point average of 1.0.

We congratulate our graduates and of course take on the new skilled workers indefinitely.

* In the picture behind from left to right: *
Dr. Jürgen Balles, Frank Kugler, Adrian Beer, Bastian Mörseburg, Dunja Köszegi and Christina Virnekäs
* Front left to right: *
Alina Dierolf, Sophia Schendel, Sophie Hirnickel, Johanna Koch
* The picture is missing: *
Louis Engelbreit