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Industrial Hygiene

Hygiene is a subject that concerns all of us. Whether in the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices or at the hospital: the compliance and review of microbiological standards and processes are key prerequisites for the optimal industrial hygiene.
With the QVPlus quality seal, Labor LS offers its customers the complete range of services for the microbiological qualification and validation of production systems. This includes the production of documents, the testing of disinfectants as well as various validations and qualifications, for example, of equipment and premises. Further plus points of our QVPlus service portfolio are additional modules such as crisis counselling as well as hygiene trendings and trainings. This way, our customers may individually select the services they need from professional components and combine them in a way that best suits them:

  • Qualification of clean rooms and production rooms [Q]
  • Creation and planning of hygiene registers and monitoring [Plus]
  • Determination of the domestic microbiological flora and subsequent storage of domestic microorganisms [Plus]
  • Validations of filling processes, service life and sterilisation methods [V]
  • Employee training and qualification [Q]
  • Cleaning validations [V]
  • Validation of disinfectants [V]
  • Conduct of audits and inspections [Plus]
  • Crisis counselling [Plus]
  • Creation and review of hygiene plans, work instructions etc. [Plus]
  • Identification of microorganisms [Plus]

The brand quality sign summarises the unique performance promise we make to our customers.

Your contact person:

Melanie Braun
Biological Laboratory


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Transfer analytischer Methoden und Verfahren (A19)

08. bis 10. Mai 2019, Heidelberg (Concept Heidelberg)

GMP- /FDA-gerechte Dokumentation in der Qualitätskontrolle

08. / 09. Mai 2019, Mannheim (Concept Heidelberg)



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In our Infobox, we make additional information on our company, our service portfolio and our QM certification available to you in a download.