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Identification/Molecular-Biological Test Procedures

For the identification of bacteria, yeasts and moulds, we use phenotypic routine methods using instrumental techniques (API, VITEK, MALDI-TOF-MS) and sequencing techniques. You can choose between two service packages:

  • Exploratory tests (subculture, microscopy, biochemical or for immuno-biological marker reactions, etc.) for the exclusion of microorganisms and for genus diagnosis
  • Species identification for suspicious/hygienically-relevant isolates (after-subculture and positive marker reactions)

Further molecular-biological test methods:

  • Specific detection of genetic modifications in food and feed
  • Differentiation of animal species using PCR analysis on cytochrome b gene, and the restriction fragment length polymorphism method (RFLP)

Your contact person:

Dr rer nat Christian Arndt 
Graduate Chemist



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27. - 28. Februar 2018, München (ECA Academy)

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