Identification of microorganisms

Identification of in-house microorganisms

The requirements for product safety and quality standards are becoming increasingly stringent, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. It is therefore important and useful to know, for example, the in-house microorganisms of a production environment.

The microbial flora determined in this way can be helpful in many ways. It can help in the selection of disinfectants to be used, in testing the suitability of culture media, or in tracing contamination.

As a competent partner, Labor LS offers comprehensive support in the determination and evaluation of your microbial flora. From sampling by trained personnel, to complete identification using state-of-the-art systems and years of experience, to clear statistical presentation, you receive all services from a single source.

As a broad-based testing laboratory, we offer you the option of storing your household microbial flora with Labor LS so that it can be easily used for further tests, such as a growth promotion test or a disinfectant study. In this way, the tests you commission allow direct conclusions to be drawn about your industrial hygiene.

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