Experienced professionals - further education

Experienced professionals

Make use of your professional experience to join Labor LS. In addition to specialists and qualified professionals, we can always welcome new employees with hygienic expertise (e.g. from hospital activities, pharmaceutical technical assistants, pharmaceutical commercial assistants, medical technical assistants) to the LS family.


Our jobs for experienced professionals:

Biologielaborant, BTA, MTLA, PTA oder Bachelor of Science

für die Abteilung Mikrobiologie (m/w/d)

Biologielaborant, BTA, MTLA, PTA oder Bachelor of Science

für die Abteilung Mikrobiologie (m/w/d)

Biologielaborant*in, BTA, MTA oder Bachelor of Science

für die Abteilung Molekularbiologie (m/w/d)

Biologielaborant, BTA, PTA, MFA, MTA oder Bachelor of Science

für die Abteilung Prüfung auf Sterilität (m/w/d)

Biologielaborant*in, BTA, PTA, MTA oder Bachelor of Science

für die Abteilung Keimzahlstudien (m/w/d)


für die Abteilungen Nährbodenküche und Spülküche (m/w/d)

Mitarbeiter*in für die Abteilung Qualitätsmanagement (m/w/d)

- Bereich Geräte/Computergestützte Systeme - Einführung QM-Software CAQ -

Fachkoordinator*in für die Abteilung Qualitätsmanagement (m/w/d)

- Bereich Abweichungs- und OOS-Bearbeitung -

Fachkoordinator*in /-leitung

für die Abteilung Methodenetablierung & -transfer (m/w/d)


für die Abteilung Mikrob. Prüfung nicht steriler Produkte (m/w/d)

Fachkoordinator*in /-leitung

für die Abteilung Prüfung auf Bakterien-Endotoxine (m/w/d)

Technical Assistant


»LS Laboratory is a fair employer, I enjoy my work and I can recommend the scope of activities to everyone. You are regularly given professional training and are brought up to date. Even after ten years I am still highly motivated.«

Executive employee


»Individual development opportunities and daily challenges allow me to do my job anew every day with great pleasure in a company which is internationally active and yet retains its family atmosphere.«



»Dealings with my colleagues are excellent. The atmosphere is very familiar. Work is simply fun. In addition, there is a wide range of further education opportunities for employees, such as ongoing internal or external training. I myself was already allowed to participate in an external communication training and a training for complaint management.«

Further education

Labor LS employees who have been with the company for many years have the opportunity to study part-time, e.g. "Biopharmaceutical Science", even without a high school diploma. In addition to being with the company for three years, one must have completed training as a laboratory technician. The study concept is consistently adapted to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The standard duration of study is 7 semesters. Whether for Bachelor's or Master's - the tuition fees are paid by the company.



Part-time further qualifications

Labor LS offers the following part-time further qualifications as a personnel development measure for employees:

  • Further qualification as a specialist veterinarian for microbiology
  • Further qualification as specialist pharmacist for pharmaceutical analytics
  • Obtaining the qualification according to § 15 AMG (German Medicines Act) as a qualified person

In addition, we offer our employees a wide range of external and internal seminars to keep them up to date in various areas.

Your contacts:

We are happy to advise you personally! For further information and inquiries, please contact:

Marion Förg

Human Resources
+49 9708 9100-670

Isabell Thein

Human Resources
+49 9708 9100-663