Stability studies

To test the stability of products, Labor LS provides a comprehensive package of services. Within the scope of the study, Labor LS not only takes over the storage, but also organizes the coordination of internal and external analytics and the test sample logistics. We prepare stability reports as well as test plans and test matrices. As part of our comprehensive storage concepts, we guarantee compliance with the highest safety levels. Our climatic cabinets and chambers are, among other things, redundantly equipped with emergency power generators and are continuously monitored by two monitoring systems.
We offer the following stability storage services:


We offer the following stability storage services:

  • -20 °C
  • -80 °C
  • 5 +/ - 3 °C
  • 25 °C, 60 % rel. humidity
  • 30 °C, 65 % rel. humidity
  • 40 °C, 75 % rel. humidity
  • 30 °C, 75 % rel. humidity
  • 25 °C, 40 % rel. humidity
  • 40 °C, 25 % rel. humidity
  • Special conditions upon request

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Physicochemical testing / stability testing
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