Microbiological and biological assays of active substances

In the case of complex active ingredients or products that have to be classified and assessed on the basis of their biological activity, the assay is determined in accordance with the requirements of Ph. Eur.

With its wide range of testing methods and its product-specific consulting expertise, Labor LS is the ideal partner when it comes to testing in the field of assays. The high quality of our statistical evaluation further increases the precision and reliability of the results. We offer the following assays:

  • Microbiological assay of antibiotics (API and pharmaceuticals)
  • Detection of antibiotic activity by means of microbiological analysis
  • Biological assay of heparin by means of coagulation deceleration (clotting assay)
  • Biological assay of heparin via anti-factor IIa and anti-factor Xa activity
  • Biological assay of thrombin
  • Assay of protamine sulphate
  • Microbiological assay of vitamins

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