Industrial and personal hygiene

Industrial and personal hygiene

Hygiene plays a major role in the day-to-day operations at production facilities and is the basis for the perfect product. The right industrial hygiene concept within the production rooms, the high-purity media used and the staff involved in the process are extremely important factors for the success of a perfectly hygienic production process.


Sampling, incubation and evaluation of the environmental monitoring of industrial hygiene

  • Surface testing via swabs
  • Passive airborne microbe count (sedimentation plates)
  • Active airborne microbe count (with the standard devices for collecting airborne microbes)
  • Checking the microbe concentration in compressed air

Testing of high-purity media

  • Water, pure steam (total microbe count, endotoxins, nitrates, conductivity, TOC)
  • Process air (total microbe count)

Sampling, incubation and evaluation of staff tests

  • Finger swabs
  • Surface swabs (clothing)