Customer service

Our service for you

The most important element for a successful business enterprise is the customer. Labor LS strives to understand the needs of its customers as best as possible and to constantly adapt its testing portfolio to customer requirements. In our view, it is first and foremost the combination of interdisciplinary competencies that provides the framework for a modern service promise:

  • The ability to develop customised, economically sensible and creative solutions to problems
  • Transparency of the processes
  • Delivery reliability in forwarding test certificates
  • Technical and personnel testing assurance  
  • A needs-based communication frequency
  • Appreciation of personal exchange and a distinctive welcome culture
  • Direct access to the responsible experts
  • Professionality, also in critical situations


We have an expert team of more than 500 employees who are aware of their responsibility towards our customers and are highly dedicated to their daily work. In addition, the Sales & Service Department takes care of all sales-oriented aspects and puts its heart and soul into developing the right solution for virtually all customer needs.

Ingo Grimm

Section Manager Business Operations
+49 9708 9100-760

Simone Kirchner

+49 9708 9100-731

Alexander Pfülb

Head of Marketing/Sales
+49 9708 9100-735