Disinfectant studies

Both the users and manufacturers of disinfectants must ensure their effectiveness. The pharmaceutical industry is obliged to prove the effectiveness of their disinfectants used on company-specific surfaces against its own house germ flora. But also in the field of cosmetics and in hospitals, it is becoming increasingly more important to check the suitability of the disinfectants used.
We can help you to meet these requested assays and to identify gaps in assuring your product quality at an early stage.


Our range of services:

  • Qualification and validation of disinfectant efficacy.
  • Testing of disinfectant procedures according to national and international guidelines. Using standardized test procedures, we ensure the validity of the results at all times and guarantee you a robust data situation and consistent quality. Due to our membership in the DIN Committee, you too, are always up to date and can also incorporate new regulatory requirements into our test designs in a timely manner.
  • Customized test designs according to your individual requirements. If your requested assays cannot be mapped with the known standard methods, we will find a suitable solution for you.
  • Continued support even after initial qualification/validation has been completed. Through a sustainable, long-standing business relationship based on partnership, we work together with you to create the basis for a sustainable data situation. This always lets you achieve an optimal qualification and validation status in your company
  • Performance of tests for the issuing of a VAH certificate for disinfectant manufacturers and preparation of the necessary expert opinions. Due to the regular exchange with the VAH, special questions are clarified even before the expert opinion is prepared, so that the expert opinion can then be accepted promptly.


In addition to merely testing disinfectants, we also offer you comprehensive total solution concepts. From the identification of your house germ flora to the inclusion of your house germs in our collection of strains, through to potency testing, you will always be looked after optimally at Labor LS.

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